Zelthy is a flexible healthcare development platform operating on an open core model. It enables rapid customization for diverse use cases, fostering collaboration and efficiency. Zelthy accelerates development while seamlessly integrating compliance, offering healthcare professionals a versatile and open platform for innovation.

Application Development Framework

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The core of Zelthy is a fortified Django framework, meticulously crafted for enterprise readiness. We've woven essential elements like audit logs, a robust permissioning system, RBAC, and stringent security measures into its fabric. This ensures not only innovation but also a secure, compliant foundation for healthcare development.

Code Assist

Zelthy Code Assist seamlessly integrates with the app development framework, intelligently understanding the platform and associated packages. It provides developers with insightful support during the coding process, serving as a reliable companion that streamlines coding tasks and expedites development. Zelthy Code Assist ensures developers maximize the potential of the Zelthy platform and its various packages, offering a straightforward and customized development experience for optimal performance.

Cloud Console

Zelthy Cloud Console seamlessly integrates with both apps and infrastructure, transforming DevOps and monitoring into an efficient, unified experience. This console is designed to streamline operations, enabling Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines, and effective Release Management. It guarantees enterprise-grade infrastructure, incorporating robust features such as monitoring, log management, and disaster recovery within our ecosystem.

Zelthy FHIR

Zelthy FHIR streamlines healthcare app interoperability by leveraging Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standards. This package ensures seamless data exchange across diverse healthcare systems. Whether you're building a new application from scratch or enhancing an existing one with Zelthy, FHIR guarantees that your software comprehends and effortlessly performs FHIR data exchanges.

Workflow Package

A powerful tool for developers to define multiple statuses and articulate transitions between them, all contingent upon specific user roles. Also, allows developers to set preconditions and post actions for each transition, providing a granular level of control.

Signup and Login Package

Whether it’s password-based authentication, one-time passwords (OTPs), or social login options, developers can effortlessly integrate standardized yet customizable authentication processes, ensuring a secure and user-friendly onboarding experience.

CRUD Interface Package

Developers can effortlessly configure and create various views, including table views, details views, create forms, and edit forms, to match the specific requirements of their applications.

Profile 360 Interface Package

Elevates user experience by consolidating comprehensive user data into a centralized view. Configure and customize the profile view to display the most pertinent information.

Communication Package

Provides a centralized hub for integrating and managing diverse communication channels such as email, SMS, cloud telephony, instant messaging (IM), and video, ensuring a comprehensive approach to user interaction.

Program Management Data Model

Facilitates the enrollment and tracking of any program, ensuring that users receive the full spectrum of benefits and services based on configured SOPs.

Supply Chain Package

Zelthy's Supply Chain package brings GS1 data models and configurable transaction workflows to the forefront, empowering healthcare companies to establish efficient GS1 compliant supply chain and product tracking solutions. Designed with a focus on speed of development and scalability, this package accelerates the creation of robust solutions tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the healthcare industry. Whether you're initiating a new supply chain system or enhancing an existing one, Zelthy's Supply Chain package ensures a streamlined, scalable, and GS1 compliant solution, facilitating seamless integration into your operations.

Appointment Package

Allows developer to configure and seamlessly integrate scheduling functionalities in any app to book, manage, and track appointments, whether in person or remote (via video and audio).

To-do and Task Package

Provides a standardized yet flexible system to create, assign, and monitor tasks in an application.

Q&A Package

Designed for use cases where a question and answer format is essential, such as surveys or call notes. Developers can easily configure and customize questionnaires and enable various users to input responses.

SSO & MFA Package

The enterprise-grade platform seamlessly integrates with various SSO providers, enabling a unified and efficient authentication experience across different applications. MFA functionality adds an extra layer of security by supporting diverse verification methods such as one-time passwords (OTPs), authenticator apps, biometrics, and more.

Audit Logs

Offers comprehensive tracking and logging of activities within the platform. Developers and administrators gain visibility into user actions, system changes, and data modifications.

Background Job

Offers developers the ability to configure, monitor, and manage background tasks seamlessly.

User Role - Frame Page Organization

Developers can define a unique frame for each user role, encompassing components like menus, logos, profile and more. The frame serves as the structured container wherein distinct pages seamlessly integrate, allowing for a role-specific navigation.

Templates and Custom Packages

Allows enterprises to create configurable and customizable templates for common and repetitive use cases, significantly expediting development cycles. Enterprises can create custom packages tailored to specific organizational needs that enhance reusability and reduce development efforts.

Admin and User Management

System administrators can easily and efficiently manage user accounts, configure roles, and define granular permissions to maintain optimal security and control.

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